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"Mastery in the manipulation of Force & Energy"
With Jamen Zacharias

Trainer / Author / Consultant
Certified Senior Full Instructor
Jeet Kune Do / Kali / Synergy Stick Fencing
"Empirical Martial Science Training"

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About Jamen
Jamen Zacharias has studied Martial Arts and their respective philosophies since the mid 1980s, beginning with Karate, Kick Boxing and Boxing.
Within 1992, he was introduced to Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Kali, and began private training within one of the first authorized, professional Jeet Kune Do schools in Canada.
In 1994, Jamen entered into apprenticeship under renowned JKD Instructor Mr. Thomas C. Cruse and intensified his personal training while teaching. In 2009, Jamen became a certified Senior Full Instructor, under Thomas Cruse directly.
Jamen continues in-depth study and practice via regular hands-on intensive training with one of the world's most innovative Jeet Kune Do Instructors, Mr. Shahram Moosavi.
Having the bounty of assisting Shahram and through the fires of intense hands-on training, Jamen continues to grow exponentially as a martial artist and senior teacher.
Jamen was honoured to become the first person worldwide certified as a Senior Full Instructor under Shahram Moosavi directly.
Mr. Shahram Moosavi and Jamen Zacharias
Jamen is currently focused upon conducting Trainer Certification Programs throughout BC and Canada, training and certifying Trainers in Synergy Stick Fencing and Jeet Kune Do Martial Sciences.
Jamen is the author of acclaimed martial arts book: An Introduction to the Science of Offsetting sold worldwide, and is currently developing a series of books and articles on Stick Fencing, Jeet Kune Do and the depths of Empirical Martial Sciences and philosophical application.
In 1999, after much search and investigation into the purpose of religion and spirituality, Jamen became a Baha'i When Jamen became a follower of the Baha'i Faith, he pledged to search much deeper into the martial arts and sciences and strives to reflect the Spirit of the age. He now aspires to represent the manipulation and martial application of force and energy directed in service to humanity and to improve upon both personal and professional uses of force.
Jamen offers services nationally and internationally, (often within communities throughout the expanse of beautiful BC Canada) and has taught in New York, L.A., San Jose, San Francisco and Seattle USA. Overseas, Jamen has taught within South Korea, Japan and assisted Grand Master Tortal in the Philippines (while teaching the Philippine Military).
Jamen is often referred to mentor youth and young adults utilizing martial arts. He works with his team of certified Trainers, Instructors conducting trainings for Transition House Staff, NRO, LEO, MA Teachers, Schools, First Nations Communities, Social Services, Military, Security, MMA Competitors and other professionals.