All Things Institute
"Mastery in the manipulation of Force & Energy"
With Jamen Zacharias

Trainer / Author / Consultant
Certified Senior Full Instructor
Jeet Kune Do / Kali / Synergy Stick Fencing
"Empirical Martial Science Training"

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Training Options
Intensive Personal Training:
Book an appointment for Intensive Personal Training in your area or when you travel to my home studio.
Intensive Personal Training can be done one-on-one or as small group sessions.
Intensive Personal Training Camps:
You and your group book an Intensive Training Camp with me in Lytton BC.
Participants travel and camp at world famous Kumsheen Rafting Resort or Nicomen Campgrounds.
Training Camps can be specialized to your needs.
Training Camps may be specialized as a Trainer Certification Camp
Qualified Participants may request a Jeet Kune Do Instructor Training and Certification Camp
**All Camps can involve martial training, meditative movement, hiking, swimming, archery and more**
Weekly Group Classes:
Where: Lytton BC, Canada, Lytton Elementary School (LES) Gym.
When:  5.30 pm sharp until 6.30 pm sharp unless otherwise stated.
Classes are run by Jamen Zacharias and assisted by certified Apprentice Instructor Stacy Thom.
Workshops, Seminars, Camps, Training Groups:
Bring me to you to conduct a workshop, seminar, training group, camp or specialized course.
Martial Wellness & Mentoring Outreach Work:
Drawing upon Martial Sciences from the perspective of personal wellness, I work to mentor the client(s) in a confidential, safe and holistic manner each according to capacity.